research & clinical trials

My past work experience at CMAX Adelaide has sparked my interest for research & clinical trials recruitment. Participants would contribute to advancing our medical knowledge or help improve the current health system, and it could be as simple as filling a short survey. Send me a message to find out more.

health technology & genomics

I keep watch on the latest development in Precision Genomic Medicine particularly in the field of Genetic Carrier Screenings & Cancer Genomics. I also believe that patients can have a more positive health journey experience with the right tools.

dr aishah off-duty

My Reflections & Connecting Community

In another life, or the next one perhaps,  I dream to be a writer! My writings, along with books and podcasts recommendations can be found here. This is also where I share with you some of the cool stuff – things and people –  I encounter.

Happiness is when shared

Into The Wild
by Jon Krakauer